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Roll Up Traffic Signs

Roll-Up traffic signs are your solution for highly portable, highly visible, and extremely durable roadside work and construction area signage. When highly active road crews are moving from site to site, roll-up signs offer the streamlined solution for storage and deployment.

With more space savings than traditional construction markers and signage, crews are afforded the ability to carry more signage into a given work location. This increases both visibility and safety- while offering the static traffic control needed to perform the tasks at hand.

Thanks to the modern advancements in highly visible, durable, and flexible materials- combined with superior craftsmanship, our roadside signs are built to stand up to the harshest environments and uses.

Roll-Up Traffic Signs by SPI offers our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

man with roll-up traffic control sign off the stand

Our Available Roll-Up Sign Materials

DAYBrite Mesh

Best for daytime applications. Fluorescent mesh roll-up signs are a cost-effective product for daytime application. All signs are manufactured from a fluorescent 15 oz., tightly woven, non-reflective mesh.

3M™ Fluorescent

Best for nighttime applications. 3M’s reflective vinyl roll-up signs are an ideal product for temporary nighttime work zones, but can also be used during daytime applications. Durable, lightweight, easy-to-store and has vinyl pockets.

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Fluorescent

Daytime, nighttime and low visibility. Includes mesh pockets. 3M™ RS24 Fluorescent Diamond Grade™ is approved for use in all states except NE, AR, IN and CT. 3-year warranty! NCDOT/SCDOT required.


Reinforced microprismatic retroreflective orange sign. Used for construction and maintenance, utility, and incident management applications. Provides high visibility under nighttime conditions. Meets requirements of MUTCD

Super Bright™

Reinforced microprismatic retroreflective orange sign. Used for construction and maintenance, utility, and incident management applications. Provides high visibility under nighttime and daytime conditions. Meets requirements of MUTCD.

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Flexible

Combines the quality and reflectivity of permanent signs with the convenience, portability and lasting flexibility needed for temporary traffic control. Approved for use in all states except CA, ID, CO, NM, LA, AL, SC, FL and NJ.

A roadside construction worker assembling a roll up traffic sign stand.

Sign Stands, Overlays, and Accessories

Every job, location, environment and specific use has its own unique set of needs when it comes to construction and road work signage. We offer a full line of roll-up sign overlays, stands, and accessories to meet these needs.

Roll-Up Sign Stands

We offer a full line of lightweight, tripod, stacker, and in-ground roll-up sign stands.

Roll-Up Sign Overlays

Our overlays allow you to change the sign legend without having to utilize a whole new sign for every use.

Roll-Up Sign Accessories

We offer accessories for roll-up sign storage, reinforcement, and additional visibility.

safety vest

Does your crew need safety vests?

We make and sell top quality ANSI approved high visibility safety vests for road work. Custom vest option availabe as well.

Same great quality and amazing prices as our rollup traffic signs!