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What’s In A Roll-Up Sign?

By October 3, 2018 Traffic Control Blog
man with roll-up traffic control sign off the stand

Roll-Up Traffic Signs are a popular alternative to metal road signs used for temporary traffic control, construction area safety, and advanced warning systems.

Roll-up traffic signs themselves are constructed out of modern composite materials that are lighter, easier to transport, easier to set up, and long-lasting in a variety of work environments. These signs are also easily customizable and are offered in a variety of bright, reflective finishes.

The Composition of a Complete Roll-Up Sign

The final assembly of a roll-up sign is comprised of a few components. These include:

  • The Sign Itself
  • Support Ribs
  • A Sign Stand

Optionally, some of these items can be added:

  • Safety Flags
  • Anti-Kiting
  • Velcro Straps

And with Roll-Up Traffic Signs by SPI specifically, hard corner pockets are considered an optional item as these signs come with superior mesh pockets that are already installed during our manufacturing process and included in the price.

Flagman Symbol roll-up traffic sign

Roll-Up Signs

Our inventory of roll-up traffic signs includes 32 of the most common and popular sign legends. For all other sign legend needs, we offer an affordably priced customized legend alternative that allows you to create a sign for your specific needs. Many of our customers enjoy this no minimum requirements, no setup fees, and affordable sign option. How affordable? We actually do not charge anything extra for this feature!

The sign themselves are offered in 6 different reflectiveness/material options. These span the spectrum from standard daytime orange mesh to 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Flexible.

Roll-Up Sign Ribs

Support Ribs

Support ribs are quite literally the “backbone” of the roll-up traffic sign. These provide the lateral support for these flexible signs. The ribs are constructed out of fiberglass and come widths to match the size of your roll-up sign.

These ribs also come in 2 versions, standard and heavy duty. Standard ribs are the most popular and work for nearly every scenario. Heavy duty ribs are best for high wind environments and are required for use with some sign stands, such as the Stacker Stand.

Ribs do not automatically come with our roll-up signs. We have found most companies have a pile of these already. For those that do require them, they can be added simply during the sign ordering process under “add-ons” or at the link below.

roll-up sign stand

Sign Stands

Each roll-up sign requires a stand of some sort for use at the job site. These include stand types such as the standard tripod, flex based stands, in-ground stands, and a few other varieties.

It is best to decide which stand is right for your work environment, specific need and works with your sign transportation system. See all of these options at the link below.

Flag Assembly

Safety Flags

Safety flags are an affordable add-on that provides increased visibility for your roll-up sign. Increased visibility can be required by your local ordinance, but in all cases provide a safer work environment for the area itself.

There are a couple varieties of holders and the flags themselves are MUTCD construction orange. See all at the link below.

roll-up sign anti-kiting


Anti-kiting is a simple and affordable add-on that gives your sign more rigidity in high wind environments. It ties in the ribs with the signs central point of contact to prevent the sign from “kiting”.

This can be found in the add-on section on any of sign product pages.

roll-up sign velcro strap

Velcro Straps

Velcro straps are another simple, affordable, and convenient add-on that allows for more organized sign storage. When the sign is rolled up, these straps keep the roll tight. This is also a great add-on for those that choose to also purchase storage bags to protect their sigs during transport.

This can be found in the add-on section on any of sign product pages.

Roll-Up Sign hard pocket

Corner Pockets

Corner pockets are what the sign ribs are inserted into for support. All roll-up signs come with these as a standard. While other companies provide hard pockets as that standard, we incorporate sewn mesh corner pockets on our signs. Sewn mesh corner pockets are actually stronger and do not suffer dry rot from exposure as hard corner pockets do.

However, some sign stands require a hard corner pocket and we understand that some customers prefer them. Hard corner pockets can be found in the add-on section on any of sign product pages.

traffic sign on a stand

Complete Roll-Up Traffic Signs

To ease the roll-up sign ordering process for new buyers, we have created a complete sign builder kit option that steps you through the process. Many of our clients take advantage of this process and it allows you to seamlessly flow through the required items that make a complete roll-up sign.

To view all of our roll-up signs and roll-up sign products, visit the link below.

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